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Hoch Technologies is an I.T and software development company. It has spearheaded overall I.T products, which cater to user industry, small scale, medium scale enterprises and other businesses. It also provides I.T solutions to business and companies to web enable their business, by understanding their Internet needs and overall I.T solutions and automation. Hoch Technologies is a fast growing company diversifying in various facets of I.T arena.
Core Competencies
Hoch Technologies foray in I.T dated back in 2000 when I.T was at the cross roads in the global economic scenario. It has clear vision to make a mark in soft ware development, I.T products, catering to various industries where I.T is must. It embarks on a mission to make an incessant stride with its expertise by using the present day technologies with state of the art infrastructure. For Hoch Technologies core competencies are lucidly defined by using the past experience as foundation to evolve in new horizons.
Innovation at its Best
At Hoch Technologies innovation always seems to be a hunger to keep the rhythm of I.T moving by understanding the changing times and needs in new technology frontiers. Hoch also creating a new platform for maximum usage of facilities for overall research for new products and services.      Hence innovation always played a vital role in its road Map to reach I.T summit in this competitive world.
Creating quality moves
At Hoch quality has always been a tradition in its assessment of various processes or products that goes through the rigorous tools of quality test laid down by world standards in I.T. Hoch also vying for that coveted quality mark of ISO 9001 in near future. Hoch is also working to create a new frame work in its in house development center suitable for its various processes to achieve a satisfied quality benchmark in all of its services. Hoch technologies are inching towards quality moves.
Partners for progress
Strategic relationship has always been a force to recon with in today's business. In the field of I.T partners are there for progress. Hoch technologies have strategic partners, to name a few.
Quality people
Quality people make a quality process and quality process make a quality company. At Hoch Technologies people will under go the required quality training and by understanding its importance to imply on its products and services. Each employee makes a difference in his core contribution in quality and creativity. However ever people who work for Hoch can be best termed as quality people.
Mission and vision
Hoch Technologies saga is to keep a pace to its movement of creating quality products and services by maximum utilization of quality as one of the benchmarking. Its mission envisages as creating a "competitive edge through quality and partnerships".
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