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When you engage Hoch Application Maintenance Services, you are assigned a team of professionals with deep expertise in your application and an understanding of your line of business. The team assumes the daily IT activities involved in maintaining, troubleshooting, analyzing and assessing your application for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Our Project Management methodologies produce successful and timely support. Problems are resolved quickly, thorough tests are performed and updates are methodically implemented and documented, with strict change management policies enforced.

Application maintenance services

Technical help desk support
Fault Analysis
Design Update
Upgrades and Patches
Code Review
Documentation Maintenance
Application Enhancements
Service Level Agreements based support services
24x7 Support & Maintenance of application systems
 Business Value through Application Maintenance

Our qualified team will deliver an Application Maintenance and Enhancement services that will provide immediate business value to your organization

Frees up your valuable IT staff and other resources for more strategic, core initiatives.
Brings best-of-breed technology solutions to the task.
Lowers your cost of ongoing support.

Application Maintenance Methodology

Hoch has perfected its methodology for the gradual transfer of duties from customer's in-house maintenance team to our offshore team. While there are variations depending on the nature of the application and the scope of the project, in most maintenance projects our four-phased approach has proven to be the most effective. The process begins with our offshore attending to non-vital tasks and gradually reaches the level where our team will assume complete responsibility for systems management and upkeep. Hoch proven methodologies help breaking down the maintenance process into systematic levels, and sets goals accordingly for maintaining agreed service levels.

This process is accomplished in four phases:
P h a s e I
Select team based upon the execution platform, operating systems, software environment, business environment, databases, etc.
Obtain thorough understanding of the business domain and a complete understanding of the application implementation
Configure the right maintenance model along with a gradual knowledge transfer to the offshore maintenance team.

P h a s e II
Stabilize infrastructure and the support processes
Obtain thorough understanding of the scope and complexity of technical and business issues
Distribute work between client and offshore maintenance teams
Provide training in the areas required to the maintenance team under the guidance of the onsite team
Schedule workload and system analysis

P h a s e III
Acquire complete knowledge of application execution environment, operational knowledge, business logic and structural/design   knowledge
Offshore maintenance team to perform most change request activities on its own, including help desk calls
Client team to retain highly critical activities like change prioritization and version control

P h a s e IV
Provide steady state support
Assume entire maintenance operation, from versioning and end-user support, to help desk activities

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