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  With the rapid shift in corporate world towards development of open, modular and interoperable systems, it has become a challenge to protect the IT assets of an organization from any kind of infringements. In this scenario, Hoch Technologies aims at providing end-to-end robust and scalable solutions that address complete security issues of an organization.

Hoch Technologies offers solutions based on its security products and frameworks in varied areas of security like :

Application Security
Desktop Security
Digital Certificate Management
Mobile Security
Enterprise Access Management
Mail Content Scan
Virtual Private Networks
Application Security

Hoch Technologies provides Security Solutions for e-Business applications by enabling Channel Security through SSL and End-to End Security through Non-Repudiation Records (Digital Signatures and Digital Receipts) and Encryption.

The security issues are addressed through Encryption, Message Digest and Digital Signatures. Digital Signatures on electronic documents are considered as legally valid in most of the countries like US, India.

Our Business applications address the following four security issues, thereby providing trust and confidence to their users and providers.

Privacy : To ensure that only the desired recipient reads the message
Message integrity : To guarantee that the message sent is accurate to the one received, matching every character to character and bit to bit
Authentication : To ensure that the creator of the message is the same person whom he/she claims to be
Non-repudiation : To prove the authenticity of a sent message by the person, even if he/she claims not to have sent it

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