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QA and Testing

Hoch Technologies team works to provide a complete range of QA and testing services like

Strategy definition for testing and process automation
High-level test plans and design strategy
Detailed test plans, test cases and test scripts
Test Execution

Managing product quality along with cost and schedule is one of the most important challenges facing software development organizations today. Growing complexity of underlying domains, multitudes of platforms to be supported and ever reducing release cycles are making the quality assurance challenge even more complicated. Hoch Technologies Services helps organizations achieve their quality imperatives through a focus on people, processes, tools and methodology.

Hoch Technologies has a wide range of expertise in QA, Test, and QA Automation. Hoch Technologies is staffed with QA/Test/Usability professionals, supported by our Quality Assurance Center of Excellence, that are well equipped execute manual/automated tests

Unit Testing of code created by a developer
Integration Testing of the interactions between modules. Ensure the combined execution of module code matches the   design specification
System Testing of application/product against identified engineering parameters. Includes testing functionality,   performance, load, stress,   usability, supportability, recovery, compatibility, volume, data integrity and security
Regression Testing of fixed defects (includes functional regression tests)
Acceptance Testing
Test Script Creation
Test Result Documentation
Performance, Scalability and Reliability (PSR) Testing

Test Scripts Creation
A separate, independent and complete environment will be set up with servers, network and the machines executing the tests as appropriate. Test Scripts are generated with a load testing tool based on the test scenarios. The Test engineer will smoke test the scripts to verify that they work under light load prior to the scheduled test date.

The following is a partial list of steps used in generating/upgrading the test scripts:

Adding appropriate verification checkpoints to check if the intended text or image is displayed after each script action.
Using the transaction statements to obtain transaction timings for each screen in the GUI.
Parameterize the hard-coded URLs, user id, passwords and other variable to simulate use of different data during a run.
Adding the display values to aid debugging.
Using theif/else or loop logic to check results, take an appropriate action and exit the script as appropriate.
Adding statements to capture data in one screen for use in another.This may be needed to prevent chronic "script   time- out" errors.
Adding appropriate statements to call functions in external run libraries to save and retrieve data from an in-memory   Virtual Table Server.

  The application under test will be installed on the specified test environment. Installation tests are carried out to test the installation and configuration of the application before execution of the main performance test to ensure right build is installed and is functional. The test team will execute the test scripts with the specified tool and in the specified test environment. Also related metrics will be collected.

Reporting and Analysis
Once the test execution is completed, metrics like response time, throughput, bytes sent/received rate, requests per second etc. are analyzed to identify the performance of the application and the extent of load the application can withstand. The performance issues will be analyzed based on the set performance goals of the application in the case of performance testing. The performance results are compiled in the case of benchmark testing.

Hoch Technologies Key Differentiators
Structured group Coordination and stakeholder involvement (Testing team & QA team, Training team, on-site co-ordinators, Technology Excellence Group’s (TEG), senior management and clients)
Standards (both Hoch Technologies & Client’s) and Best Practices adapted
Effective and proven methodologies adapted
Matured Issue Management to address project bottlenecks
Reviews at every significant stage
Highly Competent and Trained testing team
Lessons learnt are re-used to increase efficiency and productivity
Technology support from expert teams during project execution
Effective usage of Tools in various stages to improve productivity.
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