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SAS provides a comprehensive applications development environment that enables you to quickly create customized applications to fit any user need with minimal costs.

Create applications that empower users with easy-to-use analysis and reporting applications, whether they work from   desktop Web   browsers or   handheld devices.

Integrate new and modified applications into existing environments so you don't lose the value of previous technology   investments.
Simplify and speed up applications development with reusable components, automated code generation,
  and an easy- to-  use visual   development   environment.

Take advantage of multiple data sources and platforms to maximize all of your computing resources.
Use our integrated, stand-alone environment to create Java-based applications on the client or the server, flexible HTML   application that   use a SAS   Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Active Server page (ASP) applications, and traditional   full-  client applications.

SAS AppDev Studio
provides a full suite of application development software for building and testing power-client and Web-client applications without connecting to remote servers, tying up production resources, or moving files back and forth across networks. This means you can develop applications even from your laptop.Components include

webAF -- a visual Java development environment that enables you to build applications, applets, servlets and classes using a drag-and-drop, object-oriented interface that minimizes the need for programming. Easy-to-use wizards and drag-and-drop interfaces help you build Java applications that are lightweight, easy to manage and instantly connect to SAS on the server. Ready-to-use InformationBeans provide transparent access to other SAS components. JDBC and IOM support is included as well as special iPage components that support the development of wireless applications.

webEIS -- a development environment especially tailored for building Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) applications for the Web. It enables you to create interactive documents quickly and easily, and publish those documents on the Web as either Java applets or JavaServer pages without writing a single line of code. Support for Java2 and JFC/Swing technologies is also included.

SAS/IntrNet Software -- provides both Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and Java technologies for running ad hoc reports and dynamic applications via the Web, enabling developers to cost-effectively deliver the power of SAS to everyone's desktop. SAS/IntrNet includes prepackaged applications for accessing multidimensional database cubes and reporting on the contents of SAS catalogs and libraries. Design-time controls enable you to use your favorite HTML editor to develop Web pages that talk to SAS, essentially creating Web-enabled analytical applications without any knowledge of SAS or HTML.

SAS Integration Technologies -- an IT platform founded on industry standard technologies extends the power of SAS computational and data servers to other enterprise applications. It also provides proactive delivery of enterprise intelligence. This product offers publish-and-subscribe functionality, support for middleware messaging technologies and seamless integration to your enterprise through industry standards such as COM, CORBA and LDAP. With the publishing framework, you can archive packages to remote file systems, publish information to an address list via e-mail, and deliver e-mail content in HTML format.

SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE Software -- provide additional ways to distribute the results generated by SAS compute and data services. SAS/CONNECT pioneered the ability of SAS to use large-scale server power to deliver information across computing platforms. It continues to deliver enhanced capabilities that enable you to take advantage of the ever-increasing processing power that is available by distributing any or all portions of application processing to multiple processors. This provides a good option if the amount of data to be processed is too large for PCs to handle. SAS/SHARE is a data server that allows multiple users to gain simultaneous access to SAS files. It is ideal for applications that require constant data updates and are accessed by many different users. This enables you to deliver client/server applications while protecting data integrity and reducing redundancy. A JDBC driver enables you to concurrently access data in distributed environments from Java applications.
SAS AppDev Studio also includes three components that comprise the SAS server applications development environment.

Base SAS includes a powerful fourth-generation programming language called the DATA step and ready-to-use programs called procedures. Base SAS is designed and optimized to handle large-scale data manipulation, information storage and retrieval, statistical analysis and report writing. Base SAS applications can be easily integrated with other frameworks using SAS Integration Technologies, or the results can be made available in a Web browser via SAS/IntrNet or webAF.

SAS/AF provides an object-oriented application development facility used to create custom, interactive, extensible graphical user interfaces. A rich set of ready-to-use visual and non-visual components are available for developing portable applications that take advantage of SAS processing power.

SAS/EIS is an object-oriented, syntax-free development toolkit for creating running and maintaining enterprise information systems (EIS). An EIS is an integrated series of applications that enables business users to easily view critical information through custom graphs and reports (non-Web-based).
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