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UNIX Web Hosting

The Unix platform has been designed to handle high levels of network traffic and process request of multiple users simultaneously, keeping the security of the system as a key priority. It can also serve well for email, live or streaming of audio and video and web page servicing. Unix Web Hosting is a cost-effective system as it is economical to operate and maintain, over 80 % of the world's web servers are UNIX-based. Unix based platform is known for high level of performance, stability, scalability and compatibility which makes Unix an obvious choice for users.

HochTechnologies a reputed name in web site design and development, provides easy and customize Unix-based hosting services for your websites. Backed by experienced professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we have over hundreds of client's websites running on our Unix Based servers. We are equipped with the latest and advanced technological skills which ensure the availability of your website round-the-clock. Our servers are fine tuned to high degree which results in high performance and quick download time of the websites. We are supported by custom developed modules to monitor the performance of every hosted site on our servers, which in-turn ensures fair resource utilization by individual customers.

Our state-of-the-art data centre in New Delhi provides complete back-up for power, system installed for fire fighting, excellent network connectivity, and complete security 24X7. The technical team at HochTechnologies has expertise and experience in Unix and other variants which ensure the success of other systems that work in tune with other systems seamlessly. We are fully secured and protected against any unplanned system 'down-time' and have a well planned strategy to fight in case of any emergency. In addition, we also have a back up system to protect your valuable data in case of any system failure.

The features of a Unix Web hosting platform would be :
Disk storage starting from 300 MB to 4000 MB ( for all customers, from individuals to corporate houses)
Data transfer speeds from 25 GB to about 100 GB
POP /Webmail accounts available ranging from 50 - 1000
MySQL Databases
Domain name registration
Virus and SPAM control
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